web design trends 2018

Web Design Trends for 2018

There was a time when flashy, animated websites dominated the market, but then came the era of responsive website design. These websites rendered the age old desktop website obsolete. With the passage of time, the field of website design has undergone a continuous evolution to keep up with shifting user preferences. Here we have enlisted the web design trends that have continued to dominate mainstream web design landscape in 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018 –

1 – Mobile Responsive Website

People are increasingly using the smartphone for accessing the net. Gradually every businessman who wanted to garner more client base started developing a website that was considered as mobile friendly.  And, now the era of a mobile website is dominating the market. Today, the businessman who wants to turn the sales curve ahead can’t ignore this trend of mobile-first philosophy.

2 – Dual Tone Color Scheme

Simple dual tone color scheme will rule the roost in the upcoming year. They not only add face value to website but make it look contemporary too. Try it out on of your projects and see the effect it brings out for the client’s brand.

3 – Bold Typography

Typography will take a center-stage for the year 2018. Already we are witnessing a lot of experimental colorful, playful and artistic fonts taking place of traditional fonts and images. For mobiles, these fonts do make a difference.

Fashionable or trendy buttons along with the pop ups prove to be distractors. Nowadays, preference is given to more text based designs. And those illegible menus are becoming a matter of the past. It is being substituted with wide and bold headers. You may even find a loud line that expresses a call of action in some websites.

3 – Cinemagraphs

Are you trying to find new customers for your business? Well, say, hello to cinemagraphs. The Wall Street Journal too gave a thumbs up to this trend with extensive coverage.

This new visual creativity will help marketers capture more eyeballs and increase engagement (even if it is for a short time). A Cinemagraph is nothing but a collection of images looped in a video playback.

You can add it in an e-mail as a small animated GIF to capture the attention of the visitors or you can throw a cinemagraph in digital display to let the customers notice your business. This innovative digital strategy will definitely delight your customers or you can use on in a website just like a You Tube embedded code.

4 – Intelligent Conversational Bots

Bots are increasingly cutting down wastage of time when customers want to interact with the company. Imagine, you write a text to the company owner and a virtual helper is there to have a natural conversation with you. Won’t it be a time saver? The immediate boost in user experience provided by bots mean that it is a trend that is here to stay.


These recent web design trends will need to be a must-have for every competent web developer. If you are looking to get these features incorporated into your site, then it makes total sense to call up a proficient web design company like Wrebb to take care of your web design needs.