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7 Signs that Your Website Design is Outdated

The other day I was just trying to buy insurance from a government insurance website and realized what a cumbersome website it has become. It snoozed at the speed of snail and the lousy graphic made me shut it down. No wonder why people don’t use their website. So for the benefit of today’s generation  I am compiling a couple of pointers which denotes that you have been lagging beyond time in sense of website design. Do check out and see it for yourself if you fit any of the points. If you do, it not too late to step up mate!

  1. The fonts you use yell “ Hello Y2K”

As a web designer you must be aware of the latest trend. You should be courageous to follow the trend no matter how bizarre it is. If you are still using a Times New Roman font in your page, you repel users. Use the snazzy new typography that is widely available.

  1. You are overusing the modern available typography

Well, there is a saying that classics never age. Its works fine most times. If you are using only handful next gen typography very frequently, you may lose your edge. You need to utilize the vast pool of fonts available wisely. You may even set back to old basic fonts if your brands connect with it.

  1. Your brand logo looks like a figment of random thoughts!

Sometimes you try to make your logo look uber chiq and end up with a meaningless old logo. It is pointless to have a logo that doesn’t stand out from the rest. The logo should bring out the essence of your brand and can connect with the audience. A hipster logo with no brand connect is strict no –no.

  1. Background Videos

Gone are those days of silly animation and gif images that made your website cumbersome. A background video brings a lot of attention to your webpage. They can explain your wide content in a short span of time in a significantly receptive way. A good background video can entice your viewer and give him a lot more information without having read a single word about your website

  1. Move over 3D template. Welcome semi Flat designs

With the advent of iOS4.2 apple has fundamentally worked its interface on a semi flat design. The flat and semi fat designs look neat, aesthetic and user friendly. The combination of semi flat design with neutral colors and a neo font will work wonders for your website.

  1. You are using grainy images

Low resolution images went out of style some 7 years ago. Use high resolution product images that giver your viewer the clarity of your product and the courage to trust your brand.

  1. Click on the animation to enter the website

Man, I can’t even explain how lame is clicking animation before entering a webpage. It’s not the 90’s anymore where people enjoy silly animations. It’s definite trait that you must avoid.

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