Grocery app development

Phones have become smart, so have your customers; it’s time you should become wise. Get your grocery business a customized grocery app and sell beyond your brick-and-mortar store.

Whether it be ordering food or buying an insurance cover, people these days tend to quickly adopt time-saving and tech-savvy solutions, especially those available on their smartphones. The same goes for grocery shopping.

It is needless to mention here that people don’t like spending hours in a store picking the grocery then again wait for their turn on the checkout counter. They seek fast and time-saving services for grocery shopping. And what can be a quicker way to shop for groceries than an app that lets you shop instantaneously?

With Wrebb’s grocery app development services, you get a highly customizable grocery shopping app that lets you effortlessly manage the inventory, orders, customers, payments all at once! Not just that, you can also scale the features as per your business needs.

We develop a highly lucrative grocery app for your business with cutting-edge technologies and a seamless user interface that provides delightful grocery shopping experiences to your customers and work on prevalent operating systems. Keep on reading to get a comprehensive overview of our grocery app development solutions!

Business-oriented solutions 

While the functions of a grocery app are straightforward, not every grocery app development company can develop an app specific to your business needs. But Wrebb provides comprehensive and scalable grocery app development solutions that enable your grocery business to grow rapidly and generate substantial revenue.

Our grocery app development proposition consists of the following customizable grocery app development models :

Single Grocery Store : We create a grocery app for your single shop business that enables you to provide grocery delivery services within a town. You will get an admin panel that you can use to manage inventory and logistics along with the customer mobile app that enables your customers to buy groceries from you.
Grocery Chain : If you have multiple stores or chain stores and intend to serve a broader demographic area like multiple cities, we cater to you with a grocery chain solution. With separate access for each store, you can effectively manage inventory and delivery. You will get access to the admin panel and store panel to manage store, inventory, and delivery in addition to an intricately designed customer mobile app.
Grocery Marketplace : We also provide enhanced grocery marketplace app solutions and provide your business with a mobile platform where customers can enjoy grocery shopping. The service aims at empowering aggregators and startups to operate through a highly featured grocery app.

Types of apps we develop :

Aggregator grocery delivery app : We create aggregator grocery delivery apps for those who want to operate an online business to collaborate with the local moms and pops stores to provide online grocery shopping services to the local population. Such solutions are well suited for those with multiple grocery stores, chain stores, or affinity to collab with local grocery shops.
Dedicated grocery delivery app : This model has all the features of an aggregator grocery delivery app except for the order facilitation part, which you’ll have to manage independently. In easy words, various grocery stores can join your platform and sell their products, but you will be looking after their sales delivery.

Features of Wrebb’s Grocery App Development solutions

Wrebb’s grocery app development solutions are engineered to simultaneously provide exceptional services to Admins, Store Managers, and Customers. Here are the features Wrebb designed for all three parties :

For Customer :

i. Registration: We facilitate your users to register quickly on the app.
ii. Search: We enable your customers to search for the desired grocery items in the app easily.
iii. Track: Your customers can view their order status and track the shipment in real-time.
iv. Browse products: We provide a seamless product browsing experience to your customers.
v. Place an order: We make placing orders seamless for your customers. They can also schedule the delivery as per their schedules.
vi. Discounts & Offers: Deals and offers are communicated to the customers to provide the best deals.
vii. Payment mode: We facilitate a quick and secure payment gateway to customers.
viii. Reorder: Customers can repeat their earlier orders from order history.
ix. Settings: Your customers can modify settings and save personal and payment details on the app.
x. Product review: Customers can rate their purchases.

For Store :

i. Locator: Store managers can provide the location of the closest stores to the customers on the map.
ii. Web orders: The manager can offer product variety to enable customers to buy what they want.
iii. Pickup: The manager can toggle the availability of grocery store pickup options for the customer.
iv. Profile management: Store managers can edit store profile details like name, email, phone, etc.
v. Support: We provide prompt support to store managers on the go.

For Admin :

i. Store management: Admin can manage multiple stores through the admin panel.
ii. Coordination: Admins can contact and coordinate with store managers.
iii. Product management: Admins can manage the inventory and pricing.
iv. Order management: Admins can control the order delivery system and manage the process.
v. Customer management: Admins can send alerts and notifications to the registered customers.
vi. Offers: Admins can initiate and terminate offers and deals for customers.
vii. Feedbacks: Admins can gather feedback and initiate the due course of action.
viii. Payment management: Admin can manage the payment accounts and channels.

Why Wrebb ?

Here’s what makes Wrebb one of the great grocery app developers –

Customizable services: We comprehend your business requirements and accordingly develop the grocery app to serve your expectations.
Experienced Staff: Wrebb houses the teams of highly qualified and experienced experts to design, develop, and provide support for your grocery app.
Cost & Time Efficiency: We believe in providing the best services at a nominal cost within the given timeframe; it strengthens our bond with clients.
• User Friendly: Wrebb keeps your customers in the center while developing the grocery app to provide the best shopping experience to your customers.
• Excellent support: We listen to your problems very carefully and provide 24×7 technical support and assistance to cope with an unprecedented situation.

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Wrebb possesses expertise in developing highly agile, customer-centric, and performance-driven grocery apps that help you grow your business and generate the desired revenue. Drop your requirements through email, and we’ll get in touch with you!