Add More Shortcuts to Your Tasks with the DO Recipes from IFTTT

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If you regularly follow tech related news and updates then you must have heard about IFTTT. Sounds unfamiliar? Well, it stands for “If This, Then That”- an automation algorithm that came into existence in the year 2011. Its purpose is to join two or more online tools so that it can make your work or tasks easier. As per the makers of IFTTT, there are mainly two types of recipes, and recipes are nothing but the simple links between the apps and products. The two types of recipes are- IF recipes and DO recipes. In the case of DO recipes, you have to tap on the screen to bring them into action. In case of the IF recipes however, they are smarter, as they run or function automatically in the background.

IFTTT’s wide coverage

Since the inception of IFTTT in 2011, a lot of widely used products like HP printers, Smappee home energy monitor, Hue light bulbs, and several devices from FitBit have already integrated with the algorithm. Even though IFTTT is getting widely popular and successful as well, and there are plenty of compatible devices in the market that can be integrated with it, but the usage of this new system is limited to the novices who do not mind tweaking with their gadgets and apps. This is the reason why recently the makers of IFTTT came up with the DO recipe, a new set of apps aimed to make the entire thing a lot easier for the users.

To make this happen, IFTTT powered the DO apps with three features, which are- Do Camera, Do Note, and Do Button. Through this new feature, you will be able to drag and drop the tools you think are necessary for you. No doubt, the user interface designed by IFTTT has been kept very simple and minimalistic. With the power of DO button, you will be able to link different web based tools with each other, and you can create a shortcut widget on the home screen of your smart phone or tab.  I remember that during the launch, the CEO of IFTTT, Linden Tibbets said that presently the DO apps can handle up to just three recipes; however, they are working on the expansion.  He also mentioned that presently the main concern of him and his team is to keep the app as light as possible.

On the other hand, the DO Camera features offers alike functionality, letting users to save the clicked photos automatically to another app. It means that every time you take a photo with your mobile gadget powered by DO Camera app, the pictures will get transported to your desired location, such as Facebook, Email, VSCOcam, etc.  Finally, with the help of DO Note app you will be able to add any event to your Google Calendar by using your customized command. In fact, this feature also works with your voice.  No doubt, these shortcuts will add more convenience to our daily work, and help as save more time for other interesting things that we love doing in life.

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