10 Superb Hacks to Optimize Website for Lead Generation

Haul for leads, sales, and revenues is everywhere in businesses, whether it does business online or offline. Leads and sales are two indispensable channels of businesses that fill revenue pipeline if get generated strategically. For online businesses; potential and loyal customers communicate via site during their journey to buying products with lots of browsing and research 24 X 7. Thus, it is certainly necessary to design an easy to scroll and well-optimize website that your users feel good, attached and comfortable on their path to purchase.
Here arrives a question. Is your website is good enough in design to navigate and generate leads? Scratching your head? Don’t waste time but think of how you can please your customers and earn more leads optimizing your website.

Optimize Website for Generating Leads

Here I am going to disclose 10 super hacks to optimize your website. These hacks not only direct your visitors from the CTA page (landing page of your site with the CTA/Call-to-action button) to complete and submit contact information form page but also compel them to fill the form and earn your business the leads, sales, and revenue it deserves.
Let us have a look,

1. Content Optimization

Whether it is a blog/website/social media post, content is the king. So, you need to take care of your content that it looks relevant, valuable, and engaging to your visitors regardless of the business niche you have. Make sure to come up with catchy, SEO-optimized, and unique content that your website ranks high in SERPs and be found by visitors easily.

2. Add Forms to the Pages Earn Maximum Traffic

When every page of your website does not earn the same traffic, but a few pages are there that get high traffic for sure. Just find out the pages with some of the tools (available online for free or paid) that engage most of the traffic for your site every day. If you find that your traffic comes through email marketing or social media page or live chat window or blog post on your website then you need to take care of the pages. Try to improve the content of the page to optimize website and make it interesting that visitors get engaged in and don’t hesitate to fill the form you attached with the page for more leads.

3. Optimize Landing Pages According to Performance

You can have multiple landing pages to earn traffic according to the targeted audience and machine learning method. To know how the maximum lead generator landing pages and CTAs are contributing to your business you can count on tools that measure activities of lead generator sources for your site. You can compare the lead generating pages according to their performance (landing page visits, clicks on CTAs, and thank-you page sharing) and, improve and optimize the weaker landing page based on the stronger one.

4. Keep Lead Generating Source Clutter-Free

When you know which landing page or CTA is earning the maximum leads for your business, it is time to keep those pages or lead generating sources organized without any clutter. Try to redesign the webpages, CTA buttons, thank you pages, and kickback email pages to keep visitors (who have already transformed into leads) engaged to your site and evade the risk of losing leads.

5. Specify Landing Page for Specific Campaign

When you are about to run a PPC campaign, you should design a landing page according to your campaign. It holds your visitors to generate sales as the landing page will provide the information that the visitors want and look for.

website optimization

6. Provide Free e-books

If you want your visitors to stay on your website with the same interest and engagement then offer free to download eBooks with the blog or pages. The pages and posts that generate more leads can be used to offer free e-books to your visitors and let them know more via your site and improve loyalty connection.

7. Don’t Leave Your Readers Hanging Midway

Meaning, you should provide more content to your visitors when they visit your site via lead generating sources (pages, posts, or CTAs). Keep them engaged with the related type of content in the form of webinar or blog posts or white papers. They will not hesitate to fill forms when they are interested to know more. It is a certain way to generate leads for many of the businesses.

8. Mobile-Friendly Site

Go for responsive website designing. It helps your visitors to see your products and services vividly on their mobile devices as they view it on desktops and laptops. It saves the trust your visitors do on your site and business.

9. Chatbot

Chatbot option helps your visitors to reach you anytime they feel for. it increases loyalty and bridges the gap between you and your potential customers in generating leads.

10. A/B Testing

A/B testing helps you to know which of your version of the landing page or CTA works well for your business and you can improve the weaker one to earn more leads.

To Sum It Up

Certainly, there is no scarcity of lead generating methods. Notwithstanding the fact, you need to work on the most vital channel of your online business than anything besides – is on your website. Generating leads for your business seems easy when you work on the above-mentioned tricks successfully.