3 Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress: Easy Way To Make Schema Markup

Have you ever been curious how we get those snippet results whenever we search anything on a search engine? Whatever we search on the search engine, it provides us hundred results to look at. It is not some trick or scheme; there is a way to make you come into these results. You can do it by annexing something called schema mark up to your content. While the humans cannot see this schema mark up, the search engine will be able to understand your purpose behind the content through it. Schema mark-up can be used to grab all the rich snippets in Google. The rich snippets encompass product information, article information, star ratings, recipe cooking time, embedded photos and videos, addresses and phone numbers, event dates, time and locations etc.

If you want to be on the top then you have to annex schema mark up to WordPress. You can do this with WordPress rich snippet plugin. Here is the list of the best snippet plugin for WordPress:

  1. WP Product Review

WP product review is a review plugin from Theme Isle. This plugin comes in two different versions, Premium & Free Versions. It provides a few powerful features. It grabs all the essential mark ups so that you could reach the rating stars and come in Google’s organic list of Google. It has some features which will make your review live a lot better. It adds the overall rating, product image, pros/cons, individual criteria ratings, from where to purchase product etc. You can have boxes with colors, patterns, and patterns for each of them. You can also choose where these will be displayed. Here is the most attractive feature of this plugin. If you are reviewing certain products then, it can automatically insert every detail regarding those products, such as name, affiliate link, and image.

  1. All in one Rich snippet

All in one Rich snippet is another special plugin. It offers eight different content types, such as recipe, video, article, event, product, people, and software application. Whenever you write down content, it will show you a Meta box with configured rich snippet. With this plug-in you be able to select the matter of the content. Then you will be able to put type of reviews and star rating, name of reviewer’s and enter item’s name. It is really one of the best options for plugin.

3. Rich Reviews

Here is another option for plugin, Rich Reviews, which is a free app. It mainly focuses on user rating and marking them up with proper mark-up rather than helping you with your own rating. It will offer you some short codes which later help you submit a rating. These are categories, your entire website, and individual post or page. If you do not want others to give you the rating, then you have the option to moderate the reviews before it is posted.

These are the 3 majors and one of the best snippet plugins for WordPress.